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Let Us Innovate Your Industry Together!

Innovative Solutions
for Your Industry

Restaurant and Hospitality

Restaurant, Club/Lounge or Hotel innovation can start with an APP or Web Site component that allows your guests or patrons to easily request orders from the comfort of their mobile devices or laptops. The latter may as well be a secret sauce that will give your entity the unique marketing advantage that it has been looking for. At APP'ie, we can help to that end.

Banking & Financial Services

The financial industry world has become more and more competitive. The advent of innovative APP and web site tools has opened the door for small entities to compete with large one seamlessly without the bureaucratic humps that are endemic in such larger entities. This opens the door for both small and large entities to successfully complete. We offer solutions that are tailored to innovation in both types of entities.

Education & Health Care

Both healthcare and educations institutions are involved in the process of educating their audience (i.e., students, learners, employees, patients). Accordingly, the need to use innovative learning management systems (LMS), eLearning systems, AI or Expert-based systems has never been more pressing. With the advent of Internet based search engines, the World accesses a vast level of non-contextualized information. Innovation towards tools that contextualize such information will go a long way in setting your entity apart.We want to be the innovation extension team for your entity.

Energy & Utilities

As an energy or utility entity the need to educate your clients has never been more pressing. The proper use of energy is to the benefit of society at large. Energy consumption and budgeting can be incorporated into APPs and Web Site tools a to allow the end user to seamlessly manage any rebates and consumption  monitoring or budgeting needs.


Government entities are often known for lack of timely innovation. It usually has to do with the fact that the government is not only on a strict budget but also innovation often depends on set government goals. Moreover, bidding for technical assistance can more often than not, a very tedious process. HOWEVER, there are ways in which we can provide seamless assistance to government entities without usurping your current technology solutions provider. One of such ways is by being an INNOVATION extension to your government entity indirectly by being one to your existing technology solutions provider.

Please See "LoRI", Our Affiliated Research Institute

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