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Are You Tired of Watching Others become Wealthy via Innovation that You Might Have Thought about Before?

Have You Dreamed of Innovating the Next:






Amazon etc...? 


At APPollogie

We Turn Innovative Dreams into Business Success...

Both You & Your Business

Deserve THE NEXT BEST APP or Software System! 

Welcome to...

The Application of Research-Grounded System Design and Development Approaches towards the INNOVATION of Success-Bound: 

  • Mobile APP/Software Engineered Systems

  • Simple & Complex Web-based Systems

  • IT Engineering & Data Analytics Systems

  • Artificially-Intelligent Systems 

  • Learning Management  Systems (LMS)

  • Knowledge/Expert-based Systems Etc.

"For an IDEA that does not at first seem INSANE there is NO HOPE!" ~ Albert Einstein

Our Services

Our Servuces
Mobile APP Solutions

Today's World is governed by the use of key Mobile Apps... from banking, to doctor's visits and shopping or even dating... let's innovate on the next best APP together!

Managed IT Services

Information Technology (IT) permeates all aspects of business and industry. Innovative IT approaches like those used by innovative entities like FaceBook, UBER and Amazon... let's innovate on the next IT innovation together!

Please See "LoRI", Our Affiliated Research Institute

Cloud or Web-based Systems

With the advent of the reliable Internet(worked) services, there is no longer a need to store everything on Local Area Networks (LANs). Modernly, entire law firms, and businesses offices are run ON THE CLOUD at the click of mouses or a tap/swipe on a mobile device. let's innovate on the next best CLOUD-based system together!

Network Solutions

One's company's network allow different entities (people and departments and even other companies) to share information based on rights and privileges that are given along. Proper network configuration coupled with network innovation has induced companies like SalesForce to use Cloud-based systems and AI to achieve Mega Data Analytics innovation in an unprecedented manner. You can do it too.  

Software Engineering

Without SOFTWARE most modern hardware, including cars or other vehicles would seem primitive. From the Operating System (OS) a/k/a System Software (e.g., Windows OS, Mac OS, Android, iOS) to the software applications that run on the OS, software engineering is how all great software, including APPs are innovated. let's innovate on the next best software together!

AIKnowledge & Expert-based 

Artificial-intelligence (AI) is behind many of today's most modern innovations. It is the art of using a machine's processing unit along with a software-based inference engine to have the machine act in an Intelligent manner. Both UBER and TESLA have been innovating towards that end. And most modern cars and devices are equipped with some form of AI. On the other hand, expert/knowledge based systems store knowledge that would have only resided in experts' minds and make them readily available to the lay person through a simple query process. Let's innovate on the next best AI or Expert System together!


“You will not be disappointed. During a 20-year period, I have seen the work of the people behind Appollogie, and it is second to none.”

Arlene S. Russ
VP of HSEE Inc


Ready to find out more?

We don't expect you to use our services right away. HOWEVER, do feel free to bookmark us or save our web site... remember that APPoLLogie has 2 P's and 2 L's... 

Thus, do keep us in mind, and WHENEVER you are ready, we assure you that so will WE!

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